The Time We Were Almost Swallowed by the Earth

by Traveling Sound Machine

Released 2018
Released 2018
"an atmospheric indie rock juggernaut that seems to freeze time by building audible set pieces."
~ Joseph Hess, Riverfront Times
"High emotion, introspection and witty insight sprinkle about the lyrics of Steven Lickenbrock, vocalist and guitarist of TSM, appropriately accompanied by melodic and rhythmic bends and flows. Professionally pointed and perfect drum and bass are closely followed by trumpet stabs and explosive Ben Gibbard-esque, verbed-AF-out guitar. Their sophomore release is expected early 2018."

- Ryne Schleicher

“This is a rock band at heart, using conventional structures and sequences to create tension and release. But creative instrumentation- that, crucially, is organically integrated into these songs- gives the band something extra.”

- Christian Schaeffer, Riverfront Times

"The music comes across in a very visual way, with the lo-fi hiss of the cassette adding to the mystique as Lickenbrock flickers between baring his soul and hiding his thoughts in the wooded mazes of his mind.”

- Dan Wright, Eleven Magazine

RFT Music Awards 2015- Best New Band